Value for Money


Friday, Dec. 11, 2020 

Value for Money

The 2nd Flagship Event of Creo Incubator


For the past three decades, strategy has been the primary building block of competitiveness. However, in the future, the quest for sustainable advantage may well begin with the business model. Since 2006, the IBM Institute for Business Value’s biannual Global CEO Study has reported that senior executives across industries regard developing innovative business models as a major priority to obtain the maximum benefit from available resources. To explore the various strategies that attract investors to businesses and how effective business models are designed, Creo Incubator, in partnership with Enterprising Women at the University of Oxford, hosted its second flagship event – “Value for Money” – on Wednesday, December 9th, 2020. 


Dr Martine Abboud, Founder of Creo Incubator, launched the event through an interactive discussion on the importance of individualistic business ideas and learning how to create value for money from early stages. The event connected top-tier business experts with a diverse audience of aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage founders who are committed to market their innovative business ideas and to learn how to secure the fit investor.


Lynne Marlor, CEO of Transformational Strategies and Senior Advisor to Enterprise Women at Cambridge University, set the wheel in motion by discussing how crucial it is to understand how investors will judge your business. To perceive your business in the lens of an investor, three different approaches to valuation were tackled and laid out in detail. These include the revenue method, the market share method, and factor weighted valuation. After elaborating on key differences and advantages of each method, a case study with a twist was shared with the audience.  They learnt how to put theory into practice while considering the holistic model of valuation.

Katie Heming, Strategic Consultant to All Space Digital and Senior Lecturer in Digital Entrepreneurship, enlightened the audience with an in-depth discussion on the Lean Business Model Canvas. Entrepreneurs must “know their business from the inside out and look in-depth at the brand and value propositions they bring to the market”. She emphasized on market assumptions to establish an effective, growing business model where you retain maximum revenues with minimal input. Furthermore, Hemming referred to partners and main suppliers as underlooked elements of the business model. 

Marlor interpolated that from a particular lens, entrepreneurs must balance diverse aspects of their business model and at times aim to “develop a complementary relationship with their competitive partners”. This steered a discussion among the Marlor, Hemming, and the audience, concluding with the need to set expectations on what both your customers and your partners want. 

All attendees gained key insight regarding what investors search for when evaluating candidates and how to work on a lean business model canvas as a moving document towards growth. While speakers were from different corners of the world, their experiences were remarkably interconnected, genuine, and inspirational. Dr Abboud commented: “We are confident that the multinational participants from London, Oxford, Beirut, Chicago, and the Netherlands will now look at their business with a long-term perspective”.

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