‘’Creo’’ is Latin for ‘I create’ and Spanish for ‘I think’. We believe in the importance of critical thinking and innovation in analysing needs and driving change. Our logo conveys our entrepreneurial mission: hatching talents to grow successful start-ups at lightning speeds. Creo Incubator Ltd. is incorporated in London and has started in Oxford.

Dr Martine Abboud is the Founder and Executive Director of Creo Incubator. Dr Abboud acted as an Enterprise and Innovation Fellow at the University of Oxford (MPLS Division) and has been an Entrepreneur Fellow at Oxford University Innovation (OUI). Dr Abboud has been very active on the entrepreneurial, educational and outreach fronts. Her work has led to international recognition – including being listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 of the most impressive individuals in Europe and receiving the first ever Eddy Fisher-Lindau Nobel Laureate Fellowship. As a first-generation graduate, a scientist, and a founder, Martine believes in the importance of creating equitable opportunities for underrepresented communities. See LinkedIn.

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